Process Overview

The Kwality fish feed production secures the right nutritional ingredients in the finished product together with the physical criteria’s linked to the different Kwality products.

The main ingredients are marine raw materials, vegetable raw materials and other ingredients such as starch, pigment, vitamins and minerals.

The Kwality plants do have advanced operating systems and the process is controlled from a central control room from where process data are monitored.

Raw Materials



Dry raw material storage

The dry raw materials are mainly stored in silos to keep the ingredients cool and dry.

Oil storage

The oil fish oil and vegetable oil are stored in storage tanks.

Dry powder dosing

The dry ingredients are dosed from dosing silos down into a batch scale according to recipe.


To secure a homogenous product even in the smallest products it is necessary to grind the products. The equipment used is hammer mills.


To be sure of a homogenous product the batch is mixed in a mixer.


The dry powder is transferred to the extruder where water steam and mechanical energy are transferred to the product. The temperature at the end of the extruder increases to 115 to 120 °C . The high temperature and the mechanical work melt the starch. In the extrusion process the powder becomes a high viscose liquid. Passing the dies at the end of the extruder the product expands due to the pressure drop at the dies. The microstructure in the pellet is formed by this expansion and makes space for further oil dosing.


The water added into the extruder is removed by drying. The pellets are dried in dryers with a drying time from 40 to 90 minutes. The product temperature drops from 90 °C to about 50 °C in the drying process.

Coating of oil

In most of the feed recipes oil is added to the pellets. The dried pellets are coated with oil in a batch vacuum coater.


To secure and stabilize the products the products are cooled to room temperature.


After cooling the product is sifted and taken out in 25 to 50 kg bags.

Overview Of Manufacturing Process